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About Us
Our Vision

To attain an African Standpoint of global excellence, best practices and value creation, continually seeking ways of enriching the quality of human life and our environment through creative thinking and Innovation.



Our Values

Our commitment to transform Nigeria through career development, always remind us to continually uphold certain critical principles, and have a continuous improvement and value, towards attaining this vision.

Our Objective

Our penchant to initiate professional trainings and follow-through has projected Bullmate as a first class professional training provider in the Nigeria market. We do this by providing internationally recognized examination facilities and drilling and well control courses that

include drilling equipment, drilling practices and technology, well control, and other drilling industry technical training.


Bullmate has achieved some strategic milestones in the various areas of her business focus through its strategic partnership with Maritime Drilling School Canada, International Association of safety Professionals USA, Institute of Petroleum Technology India and Well Control School USA.

Our Services

Our services are categorized into 3 major groups viz: Training, Career development and Job placement assistance

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